ITABHI Corporation

Business success depends on choosing the right objectives - then managing the risks to those objectives

What We Do

We help organizations maximize their business performance and profitability by assisting executives and senior managers make high-quality strategic, operational and financial risk decisions.

How We Accomplish It

We show executives and senior managers how they can gain more realistic insights into their pressing business decisions through the use of tailored problem, risk and opportunity assessments and analyses. We provide executives and managers with insights that help them diagnosis and separate business problems from their symptoms. This encourages the right questions to be asked about the right problems, creating meaningful answers found using facts not generalities or opinion. Our approach fosters creative solutions, as well as an understanding of the intended and unintended consequences of these solutions. We leave executives with proven innovative conceptual models, tools and processes that allow their organizations to create the best value possible from the corporate resources already invested or those about to be invested. Finally, we demonstrate to executives and managers how the artful but aggressive management of risk can be used as a practical and powerful competitive weapon.

What We Don't Do

We do not presume to know your business better than you do. What we do provide is a fresh perspective to your business by bringing lateral thinking and lateral experience gained through years of high profile, international assignments. We don't, however, desire to work with organizations that desire pro forma risk assessments, blame analyses, after the fact justifications for decisions already made or pseudo-analyses to tell someone what they want to hear. We are not in business to make anyone feel good. If your organization isn't interested in confronting possible unpleasant realities, wish to understand how to fail correctly rather than to blunder badly, or desire to get better at making critical business decisions, then your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Our Work

While we work primarily on a selective referral basis, we will take on any project, regardless of size or scope, if it involves an intellectually interesting problem and we feel we can make a difference.

What Some Customers Say About Us
    “ITABHI provides superior analytical capability and integrity of analysis.”
    “ITABHI has an uncanny ability to take complex business problems and get to the heart of them with actionable recommendations.”
    “ITABHI looks at business situations from unique perspectives, providing us with solutions we never would have seen.”
    “ITABHI left us with innovative competitive strategies that we are still using years later.”